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Deathloop has come to occupy us some time and in this sense, it is good to know how to change buttons on PS5.

What does it mean to change the buttons on PS5 in Deathloop?

Having the ability to exchange buttons because perhaps we do not feel comfortable with the ones that may be assigned by default, in this sense, we can take care of making some adjustments, this makes things easier and in this sense, it allows us to be able to do these tasks with less complexity:


  •   Make use of skills.
  • Make use of gadgets.
  • Change weapons.
  • Equip grenades.


How to change buttons on PS5 in Deathloop?

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    This is a fairly simple action and for this it will only suffice with:


    •   Go to "Settings" on the PS5 system, after that we must go to "Accessibility".
    • We proceed to select "Knobs" and then "Custom button assignment".


      It is necessary to make it clear that there is no way to change the controls within the game, we will only rely on the reassignment of controls integrated into the console, also, it should be remembered that when entering another game it is usually necessary to change the settings that we have executed again This is because each game does not have a control profile.

      Now that you know how to change buttons on PS5 it is possible to apply it and thus access the skills and tactics in Deathloop more easily.

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