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We have made for you a Dead by Daylight guide to explain how to Solve Silent Hill Clock Tower Puzzle

What does the Dead by Daylight DLC bring to us?

An expansion called Silent Hill has finally arrived, this means that there is much more work to do, it has a very interesting map, this means that it is necessary to know how to Solve Silent Hill Clock Tower Puzzle at Midwich Elementary School, because It is medium complex to carry out but not impossible, implying that this DLC is simply special and you have many necessary elements that we can find.
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How to Solve Silent Hill Clock Tower Puzzle in Dead by Daylight?

Firstly, it is good to acknowledge that there is no specific time to solve this puzzle and that in itself implies an advantage, but if we manage to complete it quickly, it will simply be much better, so the ideal is to consider playing a `personalized game where there is no bet real and with some group of friends. This task consists of catching the players because here we have two survivor generators, necessary to unlock the clock tower and when they get these they affect the toree, this is indicated to us when listening to the sound of the bells.

These two generators are in:

  •  The piano room.
  • The chemistry laboratory.


 It is necessary to finish the generators that we mentioned and this is because the others simply do not require any specific order to perform them and they are a total of 5, after that it is necessary to power the exit doors so that the collapse and the tower proceed. proceed to open, to proceed to enter and take a chest, take the object that is inside and take it as a test.

 This is all we know about How to Solve Silent Hill Clock Tower Puzzle as it is a required activity in Dead by Daylight to qualify for other valuable resources.

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