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Edelmira Leon
2022-01-25 00:56:35

More about: Dark Souls Nightfall

Dark Souls Nightfall has just been released and to get you off to the best possible start we will tell you where to find the Artorias Ridge.

What is Dark Souls Nightfall?

This is the giant Dark Souls mod that the developers have been working on for a while now. It was released recently and if you already started you probably know that the Artorias Crest, is an important item if you want to unlock the door in Darkroot Garden to be able to face Sif Boss, so it will be important for you to know where to find it.

Where to find the crest of artorias in Dark Souls Nightfall?

This item was originally sold by Andre, who sold it for 20,000 souls, although if you killed him directly he would drop it.
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Now, if you want to get this item right now, you'll need to head past the lava pools > then go up to the Darkroot Garden and advance to the left > advance until you encounter some enemies with long arms. You'll need to head to the other side of the forested area and advance towards the tower on the other side, but in case you encounter enemies, it's best to take them one at a time, though you can simply walk past them.

When you're in the tower, you'll have to use the stairs to get to where the Moonlight Butterfly boss fight would happen, but make sure to watch out for the stone golem on the stairs > advance across the bridge and head to the tower you'll have to climb. At the top of the tower you'll find a magic specialist enemy that you'll have to watch out for.

Here you will find a chest and an item containing the Crest of Artorias.

That's all you need to know about where to find the crest of artorias in Dark Souls Nightfall, so now that we've reached the end we hope you're ready to find this item and unlock the door in Darkroot Garden, so you can move on.

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