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2022-01-24 05:20:15

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We welcome you to our Super People CBT guide, in which we will talk about how to check server status.

What to know about the status of the Super People CBT server?

  As in any multiplayer game we have that the servers are the pillar of its correct operation so that we have access to it, in some cases the service may be interrupted, either due to maintenance or the presence of an error, so that is why when noticing If there is a problem in the connection, the first thing we must understand is how to verify status of the server before reaching other conclusions, to have the details that will help us in this regard, let's continue with the following content.

How to check server status of Super People CBT?

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The servers have scheduled a maintenance for a couple of hours that will start from January 20 from 08:30 to 10:00 Korean time that comes to be translated in the hours of 3:30 PM PT, 11:30 PM GMT, 6:30 PM ET and 1:30 PM CEST, it should be noted that at the same time as this situation will come the release of a patch that will allow the correction of errors that have been occurring in Super People CBT, taking this into account it is timely to know how check the status of the server and to do so the following.

 Through Steam, we have one of the best options for this, here we will know about the scheduled maintenance when it is published by the developers in the news area regarding the game in this client, to go to it, we are going to start Steam, go to the library, and we enter the game, we are on the corresponding page to go to the Community Hub and the news option, we can also get to know what is happening with the servers through the official Twitter.

 This is all there is to know about how to check status of the server, you just have to apply the instructions to be aware of what is happening in Super People CBT.

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