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2021-07-15 08:18:08

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Cyberpunk 2077 is a very lively game and that is why today we will talk about Where to find El Coyote Cojo.

What to know about the Lame Coyote in Cyberpunk 2077?

It is a dive, which despite low standards has some quality things such as food, being this first class, it is run by Mama Welles, to get to know her you just have to find the place, here we can access some missions that They help us earn XP, so it is ideal to know Where to find The Lame Coyote and in the following content we will find out, let's see.

Where to find El Coyote Cojo in Cyberpunk 2077?

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We have that this search will take us to the Heywood district, which we have in the center of the city, then we have to go south until we reach The Glen sub district, we must focus on a wall that has red bricks presenting a sign with a skull that has horns, making it possible to solve Where to Find The Lame Coyote in Cyberpunk 2077 very easily in a short time.


 Characters of interest


  •  Mama Welles: it is the owner of the place, mother of Jackie Welles, they have gone through many obstacles in their life, being her ex-husband Raúl, a member of the band Los Valentinos, he is an abuser who took Jackie to the extremes against him until he left while he was injured, but Mama Welles lost all her children except this different situations that arose.
  • Pepe Najarro: this is a waiter who is serving drinks at the counter of the place, he is a character dedicated by his family and has debt problems, at some point in Cyberpunk 2077 we have to help him with some investigations about his wife, a fact that It will mark your relationship.


 The missions


  •  The street boy: taking into account Where to find El Coyote Cojo we have that we are in a job that we obtain through the bartender Pepe Najarro, as long as the Streetkid life option has been chosen, then we will go to the life of a neighborhood with the intention to initiate us to the brute, thus gaining a pistol.
  • Raymond Chandler's Afternoon: Another secondary task obtained from Pepe Najarro, is to investigate the infidelity of his wife.
  • Heroes: with this mission we can obtain another pistol and a motorcycle, to access this task we must speak with Mama Welles, but going through a lot of dialogues which is what this mission is about.

 We can conclude that knowing Where to find El Coyote Cojo is easier than thought once you see that we have these indications regarding Cyberpunk 2077.

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