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Guide to learn how to Romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077

  An interesting thing that you can do while developing the main story of the game is to get into a romantic relationship with a certain character named Panam Palmer. Although at first, this fact seems impossible, the truth is that it is not! You will have to make certain decisions so that this romance occurs correctly but you will enjoy it once it is already engaged, so in this guide, we will teach you How to Romance Panam fall in love so that V does not feel so alone in the game. Stay tuned for the details that we will tell you!
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How to Romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077?

You must bear in mind that if what you want is to develop a loving relationship with Panam, this can only be done if you play with a male V. Even if you have chosen a female avatar they can certainly do work for Panam throughout the game, they will not be able to develop. anything beyond friendship with her.

Having clarified the previous point, you should bear in mind that any moment you are with Panam counts as an opportunity to get closer, especially when you have to perform the special missions of the main story that are two: Ghost Town and Life After Wartime. You can advance in them by doing simple things like accepting the drink she offers and defending her when she talks to Saul. When those two things have been done, Cyberpunk 2077 players will start to gain access to the side missions of Panam, and this is where the moves towards romance can really begin.

In the Riders on the Storm mission, players must choose to travel with Panam and side with her during the conversation with Saul. In that same mission, fans should ask her to remove her shoes and touch their thigh when opportunities arise. eye! This does not make your relationship improve instantly but one step at a time works.

Then, in the mission called "With a Little Help From My Friends", players must continue their attempts to woo Panam without revealing their plan to Saul, telling him they missed her and touching his hand. Ultimately, V will find herself sitting at a campfire with Panam on this mission, and this time you must seize the opportunity to advance their romance.

A lot of events will happen but there is a specific one that happens in a Cyberpunk 2077 secondary mission called Queen of the Highway where they must tell Panam that the basilisk is cozy before practicing a bit of shooting. They should then listen to Panam's thoughts on impulses before letting her touch V and end the relationship.

 If you follow all the instructions given in this guide on How to Romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077, you will see how their relationship will be more than solid in the game, so a relationship in it will stop sounding crazy and become a fun idea. Luck!

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