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2020-12-09 09:46:14

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With the arrival of PS5 some errors have appeared and therefore it is convenient to explain how to correct the error CE-107938-8

What is error CE-107938 in PS5?

This is a failure that is not new and unfortunately it makes an appearance in this new console to generate a headache, although it is true there is no permanent solution until now, it is possible to have something that is temporary and that in this way we allow use of PS5, this failure usually occurs regularly before installing the update for a game that may be partially corrupt, so that this makes it possible to block the online mode or simply all content here that can be downloadable since it would be affecting the hard drive.

How to fix error CE-107938-8 in PS5?

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  • It is necessary to take care of deleting the game since it is corrupt and all it does is bring us inconvenience.
  • It is necessary to choose to delete the downloads associated with the game
  • After that it is possible to reinstall it, in addition to the saved games they are not usually lost.

Everything seems to indicate that Sony support is already aware of this failure, in such a way that there is a possibility that a permanent solution may be being studied, and why not be included in the update that is forthcoming, in such a way that we are allowed enjoy this console fully, because our temporary solution, although it is true, does not usually affect anything in the long term, it is only viable for a while.

Now that you know how to correct the error CE-107938-8 it is time to apply this solution while the official correction arrives, what if we can get is to enjoy PS5.

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