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Angel Marquez
2020-12-12 13:09:34

More about: Cyberpunk 2077

This time we return with a Cyberpunk 2077 guide, aiming to explain how to obtain all the trophies and achievements.

What to know about trophies and achievements in Cyberpunk 2077?

There are so many possibilities in how broad this game turns out to be, making money, burning the city, clashes and many things related to technology, it is ideal to take into account the existence of 45 trophies / achievements that can be unlocked by meeting the requirements that each one of them they represent, certainly some are focused on the story and are then unlocked with progress but there are some cases that we will have to do additional tasks to unlock them, knowing these aspects we will see in the following content How to obtain all the trophies and achievements, let's do it carefully for your due understanding.

How to get all the trophies and achievements in Cyberpunk 2077?

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Bronze trophies and achievements for history

  • El Tonto: be a mercenary in Cyberpunk 2077
  • The Hermit: Finding Alt Cunningham
  • The High Priestess: Talk to Hanako Arasaka
  • The Lovers: Steal the Relic
  • The Wheel of Fortune: question Anders Hellman if we want to see how to get all the trophies and achievements

Bronze Trophies and Achievements for Secondary

  • The life of the road: we need to complete the story of Panm Palmer
  • For Bad Decisions: Complete Kerry Eurodyne's Story
  • Bushido and Chill: As for how to get all the trophies and achievements, this goes through completing the Rogue story
  • To Protect and Serve: Complete the River Ward Story
  • Judy vs Night City: Complete Judy Alvarez's Story

Bronze trophies and achievements for activities

  • Two heads, one bullet: with a sniper rifle we must kill or knock out 2 enemies at the same time
  • Ten out of ten: take any of the skills to the maximum level
  • Attack on the Christmas tree: without raising more than 3 demons, a break protocol must be completed
  • Gun Fu: with a revolver or a pistol, at least 3 enemies must be killed or blocked quickly in Cyberpunk 2077
  • Hard Landing - Make a superhero landing by killing 2 enemies while Berserk Cyberware is activated
  • The Gunman: when we see How to obtain all the trophies and achievements, we have to shoot a grenade with a revolver while it is in the air.
  • I am the law - all Cyberpsycho sightings must be completed
  • The whole body conversion: in each one of the system and the part of the body we must install at least one implant, in Ripperdocs
  • The demon in the shell: with a grenade quickhack detonate to eliminate or knock out 3 enemies at the same time
  • It should be rats: distract 30 enemies without being seen with a quickhack
  • The frequent flyer: on the marked map you have to locate the data related to fast travel in Cyberpunk 2077
  • V for Vendetta: kill whoever killed us in a minimum of 5 seconds once we have revived
  • The Quick and the Dead: With the time slowed down you have to kill or knock out 50 enemies
  • Right behind you: the enemy who throws a grenade at us must be killed or knocked out
  • The Master Craftsman: 3 legendary items must be unlocked in terms of How to obtain all trophies and achievements
  • Stanislavski's method: among the dialogue options there are 10 that will lead us to the path of life

The Silver Trophies and achievements for history

  • The Sun: in the night mission Op55N1 choose a dialogue with Johnny Silverhand
  • La Estrella: going out of the night city with the Aldecaldos
  • El Diablo: support Takemura's revenge for the death of Saburo Araska in Cyberpunk 2077
  • Temperament: Johnny Silverhand must stay with our body

Silver Trophies and achievements for activities

  • The Wandering Fool: all tarot graffiti must be found by being part of the How to get all trophies and achievements
  • The Real Soldier: With Ranged Weapons Kill or Knock Out 300 Enemies
  • The jungle: Santo Domingo NCPD performances and Hustles must all be completed
  • Little Tokyo - At Westbrook We Have To Complete All NCPD Scanner Performances And Hustles
  • The Streets of Bad Death: The NCPD Scanner Performances and Hustles at Heywood must be completed all
  • The True Warrior: a total of 100 enemies must be killed or knocked out with melee class weapons in Cyberpunk 2077
  • THE Autojock: you have to buy all the vehicles
  • The Wasteland: Badlands Scanner NCPD Performances and Hustles Must Be Completed
  • The Legend of Eternal Life: Complete side missions, main missions and other activities to have maximum credibility
  • Awesome - Items belonging to Johnny Sliverhand must all be obtained as far as How to get all trophies and achievements
  • Greetings from pacifica: in pacifica we must complete all the actions and Hustles of the scanner NCPD
  • It's from elementary school - in Watson all concerts and Hustles from the NCPD scan must be completed
  • City Lights - Downtown NCPD Scanner Performances and Hustles must be completed

Platinum and gold trophies

  • The world: complete the whole story for the gold trophy
  • Nape Fades - Get all other trophies for the platinum trophy

In this way we finalize our Cyberpunk 2077 guide, now you know how to get all the trophies and achievements, so enjoy it to the fullest.

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