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CSGO: How to Create Autoexec.cfg File - Tips and tricks

2020-06-09 23:06:26

Making some changes to CSGO is truly necessary and feasible, so today we will explain how to create Autoexec.cfg file.

What is CSGO about?

 The first thing we must say is that this is a shooting game but above all that it has been one of the most played, perhaps for this reason the subject of making some interesting modifications arises, including knowing how to create an Autoexec.cfg file since the The idea is to get some settings done, as these are intended to make it possible for some settings to be modified and edited in an extremely simple way, since it will only be necessary to do it from a notebook.

Exactly what is Autoexec.cfg file in CSGO?

 Before knowing how to create an Autoexec.cfg file, it is necessary to know exactly what it is, and this is nothing more than a useful tool for executing some necessary changes in CSGO and executing some customizations in the configuration to such an extent that it is possible to incorporate some additional functions of the keyboard, the mouse or simply video configurations, since it is a fairly simple tool considering that it is a text file, which must be moved to the game installation folder and proceed to enable the configuration with the object can be started, thereby allowing us to customize it by adding or subtracting some functions that we consider useful, since it is possible to have the possibility of downloading more than one Autoexec.cfg file, including one where there are settings for professional players.
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    Where is it possible to locate the file Autoexec.cfg in CSGO?

     One of the important aspects that must be considered is the location, since this allows us to know how to create an Autoexec.cfg file, since at this point we have an excellent advantage and that is that it is possible to locate it in various sectors, especially if this game is We have purchased on Steam, as this allows us to locate them at:

    •  C: Program Files (x86) SteamsteamappscommonCounter-Strike Global Offensive.
    • Program Files (x86) Steamuserdata [your Steam ID] 730localcfgconfig.cfg.

     How to create Autoexec.cfg file in CSGO?

     Now that we know what it is and where to find the Autoexec.cfg file, it is time to know how to create it and to do this you need:

    •  Go to the default cfg folder.
    • Then right-click specifically on config.cfg.
    • Then open the notebook to click File and proceed to Save As.
    • There it is possible to name the file autoexec.cfg and save it.
    • Then we will use the config.cfg file that we have created previously since it has the functionality to add or remove some custom configurations.
    • At this point it is necessary to consider two options necessary to execute the file
    • Making use of the steam launcher.
    • Adding a code in the file.

    How to run Autoexec.cfg file in CSGO?

     We are already on the final stretch and all the steps are crucial to know how to create an Autoexec.cfg file, counting that as soon as it is done it is necessary to execute it to know if we have truly done our job well, and this requires:

    •  First of all, use both ways, the steam launcher and the code.
    • With the steam launcher it is possible to do it automatically and for this it is necessary to use the right mouse button and proceed to click on the game library.
    • Then we will go to properties and from there to configure launch options where it will be necessary to write exec.autoexec.cfg and click Ok.
    • For its part, with the code it is necessary to open autoexec.cgg and enter this code –exec autoexec.cfg

     Whichever method we use, both are feasible to execute the Autoexec.cgf file in CSGO, because with this it is possible to edit our notepad, try some relevant combos, try some interesting techniques, because simply get a custom configuration that is in reality what we are looking for, for which it will only be necessary to go to Google to discard and that it can be applied immediately just by copying and pasting the text of the file, we will only save it and enjoy the changes that are quite visible.

     This is all that we know so far about How to create Autoexec.cfg file as it is a fairly simple way to achieve some interesting settings in CSGO.

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