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Guide to learn how to build portable miners in Satisfactory

  In case resource nodes can be placed to extract solid resources. There are a total of four types of miners in the game: Miner Mk.1, Miner Mk.2, Miner Mk.3, and Portable Miner. In this case we will focus on the last type of miner and everything you need to know about him.

How to build portable miners in Satisfactory?

Portable Miners are complex, you need to keep them in the slot of your hand and then place them on top of a resource node, still possible to place multiple portable miners in one area as long as it has enough space.
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To create a portable miner, you must complete:
  • Tier 0 Milestone - Hub Upgrade 1

then do it in the equipment workshop. Creating it requires you to have 2x Iron Plate and 2x Iron Bar.

The good thing about the Portable miner is that it does not need fuel / energy and lacks Conveyor Belt connections. As for its capacity, it can only contain a single pile of a mineral that is generally one hundred.

Mining speed also varies in the type of miner, in the case of notebooks With a portable miner, you can extract at a speed of 20, 40 and 80 items per minute for impure, normal and pure resource nodes, respectively.

Finally when you go play with them open your inventory and equip it in your hand by left clicking twice. With this computer, use the resource scanner to find the desired resource node, right click and it will start working.

 With the mining job, How to build portable miners in Satisfactory will be an easier job and so you can collect all the minerals you want with greater agility.

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