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Guide to learn how to get yellow and purple slugs in Satisfactory

  At Satisfactory the process is quite simple, so growing slugs at Satisfactory is easy. Slugs are used to create Power Shards, a resource used to stimulate your production line to increase productivity.

For this, there are 3 power plugs in Satisfactoryio: yellow power plugs, green power plugs and purple power plugs.

They often breed on trees, etc. Yellow plugs are slightly rarer and spawn in hard-to-reach places that may require jetpacks and ladders. Purple plugs are the rarest and create really hard to reach places. Therefore, we have created this guide to teach you how to get yellow and purple drops in the game.

How to get yellow and purple slugs at Sarisfactory?

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The truth is that these slugs can appear anywhere but there are only a limited number of Power Shards in Satisfactoryio. Once you find it, these items don't reappear, so use them wisely.

You will come across a time when your factory updates to make slugs useful, it's time to start looking for slugs at Satisfactory. Take your scanner out into the open world and hold down the V button, select Slugs from the list.

The scanner will ping all slugs within 250 meters in all directions, this being the best cultivation method. Whenever a power plug is within easy reach of the scanner, it will appear as a reference point directing you to the location.

Before the power plugs appear as "Strange Power Reads" on the scanner you will be aware of this.

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