Angel Marquez
2020-10-04 17:22:24

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Today we bring you a Crash Bandicoot 4 guide where we will explain how to beat the riding sections.

What are the riding sections in Crash Bandicoot 4 about?

  This is a stage of the game where we must control a creature mixed between a dinosaur and a plant, in order to cross a dangerous area, so we will get on the back of this in order to solve How to beat the sections of Riding, is something that is divided into 2 parts, with great danger as an obstacle and that we must pass to complete the level, the details that are presented in this guide below will guide us, let's follow them.
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How to beat the riding sections in Crash Bandicoot 4?

 Apart from the many problems that will arise along the way, there are also the pits that to cross it is necessary to make well coordinated and precise jumps, for this we press the X on PS4 or the A on Xbox One, to jump and to make it the longer the jump we must leave the corresponding buttons pressed for the jump, we must be attentive to those moments where we will have to jump more quickly, there are also flames launched by the geysers that we must avoid, the creatures that come out from the wall with the purpose of eating us, in short, many enemies along the way and who are capable of killing us instantly, on some occasions we can lean on the wind currents that appear, this is possible if we reach the top with which we will manage to escape unscathed in this section of Crash Bandicoot 4, on some occasions we will go through tremendous slips in the level, it can even lead us to end up on a cliff and we will find our way along the same you from behind where are some turtle plants, once we get down we complete this section.

 Now coming to the longest section and with greater difficulty to understand How to beat the riding sections, we will have as many problems as in the previous section, a little more intense for the greater amount, this time we have that the geysers will put more pressure on us , being even forced to go through them with the jumps, we are going to meet some control points and we will jump over some platforms in the sky, even once more we will pass the turtle plants, if we want to reach the end it is necessary that we coordinate the short and long jumps in the moments that we have to do it to reach the end.

 In this way we finalize our Crash Bandicoot 4 guide, now you know how to beat the riding sections, just enjoy it to the fullest.