Angel Marquez
2020-10-06 09:37:54

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With our Crash Bandicoot 4 guide you will learn more about How to unlock Triple Spin.

What to know about Triple Spin in Crash Bandicoot 4?

It is something necessary to use in time trial tests, it consists of moving faster for 3 laps in a row, which allows us to look for how to unlock Triple Spin to be able to use it at all levels to achieve Platinum in the tests, now the details will come later in this guide, let's follow it until we find the answers.
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How to unlock Triple Spin at Crash Bandicoot 4?

It is necessary that we complete the entire history of the game, unlocking this movement automatically once we go to the boss at the end, it is the only way, by pressing the button corresponding to the turn we can only use it 3 times in a row when walking, being static does not allow this movement to be done correctly so we must be moving, on the PS4 we will use the square or on the Xbox One the X, you must pause and press the button again, pause and press it again, until we are doing in third time the turn, to know that we have done it well we will notice that the color of the turn will change to blue, when we manage to make this movement we will be able to unlock a trophy and another one when defeating an enemy with it.

It is clear that knowing how to unlock Triple Spin allows us to have more fun in Crash Bandicoot 4.