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Genshin Impact: Where to Find Ingredients

2020-10-04 17:08:58

Knowing where to find ingredients is necessary for cooking and this is a task that we can do in Genshin Impact

What is the importance of getting ingredients in Genshin Impact?

  It is simply a necessary task in this game, since cooking becomes a very important action, since it is necessary to be alive, therefore knowing where to find ingredients is necessary since it allows us to cook, and this makes our adventure can become somewhat less complex in a world where exploring is a necessary and interesting activity.
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    Where to find ingredients in Genshin Impact?

     It is necessary to consider that the ingredients are vital when cooking and therefore it is necessary that you pay attention to the following:


    •  To our good fortune, there is no shortage of ingredients here.
    • To get ingredients such as chips and grains it is only necessary to interact with the trees and some bushes.
    • There is a chance to harvest enemies and fallen animals.
    • When we get the ingredients we must go to the pots and press the Square button to include it in the inventory.
    • We can leave and then return, as there is no concern that some ingredient for our dishes may run out.


     Knowing where to find ingredients allows us to have the possibility of preparing some attractive dishes, because here there are several favorable recipes, because the more difficult and demanding a recipe can be, the more favorable it will be for our character, since each one goes according to our situation, in such a way that it is necessary to do them in a suitable way to progress in this game, because here we get mushrooms, chicken skewers, ideal is to increase the possibility of doing damage or simply reviving the fallen members.


    •  Super restorative food recipes, these are ideal for repeatedly healing the damage of an enemy's tanks to counter the damage that may be inflicted on a constant basis.
    • Recipes to increase statistics, these allow us to polish our characters to the point of achieving that they can become invincible.

     Now that you know where to find ingredients it is time to launch this interesting search in Genshin Impact, because our adventure requires us to stay as healthy and strong as possible.

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    Action role-playing
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    September 28, 2020
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