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Lidia Rozo
2021-04-14 17:38:03

More about: Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove has different tasks for us and that is why today we are going to tell you how to get charred fishbones.

What are charred fishbones in Cozy Grove?

These are nothing more than a necessary item in this game, because here there are different activities among which it is possible to take care of cooking, fishing and manufacturing, specifically knowing How to get charred fishbones allows us to get a valuable item, as it has a value High in some recipes, these thorns `can become an excellent source to get money, in such a way that embarking on this search usually works with a necessary activity to execute.
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How to get charred fishbones in Cozy Grove?

 This is a search that leads us to consider:


  •  Catch a fish and for this it will only be enough to hold it with a fishing rod and cast the line near the shadow of the fish in Cozy Grove.
  • Then we must choose to transform it into charred fish bones for which it is necessary to speak with Flamey.
  • Then we choose the option "I want to burn something" and select the fish.
  • Once this has been done it is necessary to select "Confirm your decision".
  • This burning process allows us to receive charred thorns.


 Now, as we have already obtained the bones, it is pertinent to give them the respective use, since there are some favorable recipes that we can apply in Cozy Grove, however, knowing how to obtain charred fish bones usually works to some extent as an excellent option to get money, This simply leads us to consider understanding that each fish is usually sold in Mr. Kit's store for a specific price, but on the contrary, if what we are going to sell are charred thorns, these usually have a price of 50 coins each piece.

In this sense, getting the largest amount of charred fish bones will undoubtedly be our choice, because somehow selling the fish is not very favorable, some tend to have a lower value than the price of a piece of charred bone, others have Similar values ​​to the thorns, which does not represent a major difference, however, it is your choice to sell the fish or the pieces of thorns, because at the end of all our goal here was to show you how to obtain the thorns.

 Definitely, knowing How to get charred fish bones allows us to have the possibility of locating and selling them in order to get money in Cozy Grove, try it.

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