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We have been with Cozy Grove for several days, there are many things that we already know and others are still wondering, so here we will tell you how to save your game.

What is Cozy Grove?

It is the life simulation video game, developed by Spirit Scout, which was recently released for both mobile device users and Nintendo Switch users. The game will keep you in constant progress, so knowing how to save your game is very important, unless you want to lose the progress you have accumulated.

How to save your game in Cozy Grove?

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    The first saving method you have is automatic saving, which kicks in quite frequently, it even seems to trigger by doing just about anything.

    On the other hand, there is the automatic save that you can access by opening the menu by pressing the button on Switch> select Return to title, which will save your progress immediately and send you back to the title screen.

    The next time you open the game you will be in the central fire, this since the game uses the system clock, making the world move and change constantly.

    That's all you need to know How to Save Your Game to Cozy Grove, we hope our guide was the one

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