Lidia Rozo
2021-04-12 10:18:53

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Today we embark on a search through Cozy Grove and this allows us to show you where to find all the feathers for Captain Billweather

How many pens should we get for Captain Billweather in Cozy Grove?

It is necessary to get the quantity of 5 feathers to give them, only that this search can become somewhat complex, it is necessary to understand that they are necessary so that the captain can stay warm during the cold.

Where to find all the feathers for Captain Billweather in Cozy Grove?

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This is a task that leads us to embark on a search on the island and for this it is necessary to reach the certain place and stand on top of them to pick them up and give them to the captain, in this way the search is usually carried out like this:

Pen 1
: It is necessary to embark on Jeremy's work area in order to look for a blanket, next to us, we find the pen.

Feather 2: This is usually achieved on the raised ground and to get to it is necessary to go north of Jeremy's work area, move up the ramp and enter the Captain's area.

Pen 3:
This pen is usually found under the fireplace, it is only necessary to check there, this is usually next to Jeremy.

 Pen 4:
There is not much to mobilize from the location of pen 3, just focus on checking the surroundings near the rock and trees.

Pen 5:
This is the last we need to get and is usually located on the northwest coast of Jeremy.

Now that you know where to find all the feathers for Captain Billweather, it's time to dive into this simple search through Cozy Grove.