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With our help you will see that knowing how to play with friends in Colosseum Elden Ring is easier than you think.

What to know about playing with friends in Colosseum Elden Ring?

  With the arrival of the free DLC, the coliseum mode is presented, a multiplayer function that presents different modes to play, seeking to know if we can play it with friends, it is appropriate that we consider some indications and these will be presented below.

How to play with friends in Colosseum Elden Ring?

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PvP combats are part of the new update, where 3 new arenas are presented in Limgrave, Celid and Leyndell, with unique rules and ways to play, a free-for-all mode, team duels and much more, being with in The Caelid Colosseum an option to summon Spirit Ashes to fight by our side, there are one-on-one duels, as a team they can be between 6 players, now to play it with friends we can do it both offline and online, to do it one against one or as a team we configure a matching password, we activate one for the coliseum, it is important that we and our friends use the same one, our allied team has their password to be in the same team we must use the same one, we can configure a closed PvP between friends .

  It is evident that knowing how to play with friends in Colosseum Elden Ring allows us to have more fun in this busy game.

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