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Lidia Rozo
2022-10-18 17:22:50

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We embark on a quest to tell you where to find zombie easter eggs in COD Mobile.

What does it involve to find zombie easter eggs in COD Mobile?

  Launch ourselves into a necessary search task to execute in this game and it is that it usually has a good number of secrets that are usually mostly in the zombie mode, this is part of the projects that the franchise has and we are going to tell you a little more about it.

Where to find zombie easter eggs in COD Mobile?

  There are several locations in which we must enter to execute this search and this implies going to:
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Great Blue Meteorite: this is a first location that we must visit, this is usually difficult to miss because shooting it allows us to summon flying skulls, we must take care of eliminating them to get the free booster, this is usually located to the northwest of the map.

Flying pans: we continue in the search and we are allowed to observe a total of 4 flying pans inside us, we must shoot them all to summon a thing similar to a plant outside the building, it is ideal to shoot the small object to start teleporting away from us, this allows you to chase him until you get the free ignition, this is usually located to the southeast of the map where we will see a small house.

Flying teddy bears: the task of knowing where to find zombie easter eggs in COD Mobile continues, we will see what we will get inside or outside the cabins, we just have to avoid shooting all the objects because this will make us unable to receive the rewards, This is a search that will lead us to shoot flying teddy bears in the southeast, southwest, northwest and northeast where we will see that it is possible to enter the building through any of these parts.

Secret radios: another location that we can locate and where we must take care of shooting five radios, these are usually in the cabins where we have shot the flying teddy bears in advance, here it is necessary to take care of searching the underground laboratory, only that we must take into account not to shoot all the radios because if we do we will not get the easter egg.

Fight Jibokko's boss: this usually happens at the end of the game, we just have to follow some instructions so that it can work and this implies:


  •  Get the elevator repair parts in the building in the middle of the map.
  • Get the elevator in the same building and use the repair parts to fix it.
  • Make use of the elevator to get to the basement.
  • Go to the lab with the plants.
  • Interact with the Journal in the lab and use it to solve the puzzle with plants.
  • The puzzle requires us to shoot Plant 4 and Plant 3, then we must wait for Plant 3 to respawn and shoot Plant 2 and Plant 7, to proceed to shoot the reappeared Plant 3.
  • It is necessary to take care of interacting with the control panel located in the same room where you can find one of the secret radios to reach the final wave and thus defeat Jubokko's secret boss.


 Now that you know where to find zombie easter eggs in COD Mobile, it is necessary to embark on this quest and thus be rewarded.

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