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Elevate your gameplay with the best PP19 Bizon loadout in COD Mobile and become a force to be reckoned with.

The PP19 Bizon, a popular weapon in COD Mobile, has undergone multiple iterations due to balance updates and attachment upgrades. In the current season, there has been a significant improvement in the PP19 Bizon's loadout, providing players with more freedom to design their loadouts and boost additional stats. Let's dive into the best loadout for the PP19 Bizon.

best PP19 Bizon loadout in COD Mobile

Large Caliber Ammo A:

The first attachment that we will explore is the Large Caliber Ammo A. This attachment boosts the damage range of the PP19 Bizon, allowing you to engage enemies from a greater distance. This is particularly useful in larger maps where you need that extra range to take down opponents effectively. However, it is worth noting that using Large Caliber Ammo A slightly lowers the ADS speed and bullet capacity of the weapon, so make sure to consider your playstyle and preferences when using this attachment.

OWC Laser – Tactical:

The second attachment on our list is the OWC Laser – Tactical. This attachment improves the ADS speed of the PP19 Bizon, allowing for quicker target acquisition. In fast-paced situations, every millisecond counts, and having a faster ADS speed can give you the edge in gunfights. Additionally, the OWC Laser – Tactical also enhances the sprint-to-fire time, making it easier for you to transition from sprinting to firing your weapon. This attachment is a must-have for players who prefer aggressive gameplay and rely on quick reflexes.

No Stock:

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Next up is the No Stock attachment. This attachment further improves the ADS speed of the PP19 Bizon, making it even faster than before. By removing the stock, you gain increased mobility, allowing you to move around the map more swiftly. However, it is important to note that using No Stock reduces recoil control and aiming stability, so it may not be suitable for players who struggle with controlling recoil. If you are confident in your ability to handle the increased recoil, No Stock can greatly enhance your mobility and make you a more unpredictable and agile player on the battlefield.

OWC Marksman Barrel:

The OWC Marksman Barrel is the fourth attachment in our best PP19 Bizon loadout. This attachment increases the damage range of the weapon, allowing you to engage enemies at longer distances with more effectiveness. The extended damage range can be especially handy in situations where you need to take down opponents who are far away. With the OWC Marksman Barrel equipped, you can confidently engage enemies across larger maps and have a better chance of securing those long-range kills.

Monolithic Suppressor:

The final attachment on our list is the Monolithic Suppressor. This attachment enhances the damage range and recoil control of the PP19 Bizon. By reducing the noise produced by your weapon, the Monolithic Suppressor keeps your presence off the enemy's radar, giving you a stealth advantage. This can be particularly beneficial in game modes where staying hidden and flanking your opponents is crucial. Additionally, the improved recoil control provided by the Monolithic Suppressor allows for more accurate shooting, especially during sustained firefights.

With its wide starting magazine and large starting ammo capacity, the PP19 Bizon offers a versatile and powerful weapon option for players in COD Mobile. By utilizing attachments like Large Caliber Ammo A, OWC Laser – Tactical, No Stock, OWC Marksman Barrel, and Monolithic Suppressor, you can further enhance its performance. Experiment with this loadout to find your preferred playstyle and dominate your opponents on the battlefield! The PP19 Bizon's loadout options in COD Mobile have come a long way. With the right combination of attachments, you can customize the weapon to suit your playstyle and excel in various situations. Whether you prefer aggressive close-quarters combat or taking out enemies from a distance, the PP19 Bizon can adapt to your needs.

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