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Learn How to get Etched Stones in COD Mobile with our simple and easy-to-follow guide. 

In COD Mobile, the limited-time Mythical Missions have taken the gaming community by storm. From July 7 to July 20, players have the opportunity to embark on a thrilling adventure, liberating every node on the city map. To achieve this, they must utilize a valuable currency known as Etched Stones. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of how to obtain these Etched Stones and the significance they hold in the game.Etched Stones serve as the primary currency in the Mythical Missions event. They are essential for unlocking city nodes, which are scattered across the map. By occupying each node, players make progress towards the ultimate goal of liberating the entire city. As they navigate through this immersive experience, exciting rewards await those who successfully conquer each node.

To participate in the event, players are presented with a variety of missions. There are three daily missions and six challenge missions available, each offering unique rewards. The daily missions refresh daily, providing players with an opportunity to accumulate Etched Stones consistently. On the other hand, the challenge missions present more complex tasks that require skill and strategy to complete. These challenges range from dealing damage in Battle Royale mode to emerging victorious in ranked matches in Multiplayer mode. By completing these missions, players earn Etched Stones, bringing them closer to their goal of liberation.

Daily Missions

One of the primary ways to obtain Etched Stones is through daily missions. Each day, players will be presented with three unique missions to complete. These missions can range from achieving a certain number of kills to capturing specific objectives. By successfully completing these daily missions, players will be rewarded with a predetermined amount of Etched Stones.

Challenge Missions

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In addition to the daily missions, there are also six challenge missions available. These challenges are more difficult than the daily missions but yield greater rewards. Players will need to demonstrate their skills and expertise to complete these challenges and earn even more Etched Stones.

Occupying City Nodes

Once you have acquired a sufficient number of Etched Stones, you can use them to occupy city nodes on the map. Occupying city nodes allows you to unlock new areas and progress further in the game. The process of occupying city nodes involves spending a specific number of Etched Stones to unlock adjacent nodes.

As you navigate through the city map, you will encounter various costs for unlocking adjacent nodes. Some areas may require a higher number of Etched Stones compared to others. It is essential to strategically allocate your resources and plan your path through the city to maximize your efficiency.

By unlocking city nodes, players can unlock a variety of rewards. These rewards can include new guns, weapon camos, and credits. The more nodes you unlock, the greater the rewards you can obtain. Make sure to explore different areas and unlock as many nodes as possible to enhance your gameplay experience.

Time Limit and Importance

It is worth noting that the availability of the Etched Stones event is limited. Therefore, it is crucial to make the most of this opportunity and unlock as many nodes as possible before the event ends. Take advantage of daily missions, challenge missions, and efficient node unlocking strategies to ensure you get the most out of your Etched Stones.

In conclusion, Etched Stones play a significant role in Call of Duty Mobile, allowing players to unlock city nodes and access a range of rewards. By completing daily missions and challenge missions, players can collect Etched Stones and progress further in the game. Strategic planning and utilization of resources are key to maximizing the benefits of Etched Stones. So what are you waiting for? Start collecting Etched Stones and unlock a world of rewards in COD Mobile!

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