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Learn how to get the Mythic Templar Hidden Sword in COD Mobile! Find out the steps to unlock this powerful sword and dominate the game.

In the world of Call of Duty Mobile, discovering hidden treasures and rare weapons is always an exciting adventure. One such hidden gem is the Mythic Templar Hidden Sword. This powerful weapon is not only a force to be reckoned with, but it also adds a touch of mystery to your arsenal. In this guide, we will explore the location of the hidden sword, how to reach it, and the rewards you can claim once you obtain it.

The Mythic Templar Hidden Sword is a rare and exclusive weapon in Call of Duty Mobile. It is a melee weapon that is highly sought after by players due to its unique design and devastating attack power. Inspired by medieval knights and their legendary swords, the Mythic Templar Hidden Sword adds an extra layer of excitement and style to your gameplay.

 Location of the Hidden Sword

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The Mythic Templar Hidden Sword can be found in the stunning Ski Town. Nestled between the buildings, this hidden treasure awaits those brave enough to seek it out. To give you a better idea of the sword's location, refer to the map provided.

How to Reach Ski Town

Fortunately, reaching Ski Town is not as challenging as it may seem. You can travel to Ski Town from any drop point in the game. Whether you are coming from Frigid Wetlands or Outpost, there are multiple routes you can take. If you're traveling from Frigid Wetlands, head east until you reach Ski Town. If you're coming from Outpost, head north, and you'll soon find yourself in the vicinity of Ski Town.

Spotting the Hidden Sword

As you approach Ski Town, keep a keen eye out for the hidden sword. It is usually located near the border of the buildings, so make sure to scan the area thoroughly. The sword's appearance will stand out against the white snow backdrop, making it easier to spot. Once you have successfully spotted the hidden sword, make sure to pick it up and claim it as your own.

Claiming Rewards

Picking up the Mythic Templar Hidden Sword is not just for show. By obtaining this legendary weapon, players will be rewarded with 30 wax seals. These seals hold great significance in the game and can be used to unlock various exclusive items and upgrades. So, not only will you wield a powerful weapon, but you will also gain valuable rewards that can enhance your gameplay experience.

The Mythic Templar Hidden Sword is a coveted treasure in COD Mobile, and now you know how to find it. Journey to Ski Town, search between the buildings, and claim this legendary weapon for yourself. Remember, the hidden sword not only grants you unparalleled power but also rewards you with 30 wax seals. So, gear up, explore the snow-covered landscapes, and unveil the secrets that lie within Ski Town. Happy hunting, fellow soldiers!

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