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Children of Morta: Book of Rea Bonuses

2019-10-21 13:21:58

Surely you are playing Children of Morta Book of Rea and you need to know everything about Bonuses, in this guide we will tell you.

As you may have noticed the game Children of Morta Book of Rea is an additional feature of the available updates, and you get it as you unlock them while you play, are two different ways to unlock is to find them in the search, and to learn them you need to invest some gold.

What are the Bonuses of Children of Morta Book of Rea?

Here we will tell you all the Bonuses you will have available in the game Children of Morta Book of Rea, we hope you can get them all. 

  • 1- Obelisk memory: fortunately this will be unlocked automatically when you start the game, you increase the efficiency of the obelisk and effects, it's good to know that these obelisks influence the statistics of your character, they are different obelisks and each one of them offers you something different such as increase speed, XP, among others.

  •   2- Accumulator: this type of Bonuses allows you to increase the amount of Morv that will fall enemies, if you do not know the Morv are the coins of this game, are indispensable for the improvement of your equipment and weapons, so it would be a good option.

  •   3- Wisdom: this bonus will increase your XP when you have defeated one of your enemies, as well as level up, allowing you to have new skills and features that you can get and unlock during the game for your character.

  • 4- Dominion of precious stones: in Children of Morta Book of Rea allows you to increase the fall of precious stones, these stones are coins with which you can buy items in trade, it is important to know that with these stones the merchant will sell you divine relics, thanks divine amulets and obelisks, all this you get if you have available precious stones.

  •   5- Runic knowledge: these Bonuses allow you to increase the durability of your Runes as well as unlock more rune spaces in your inventory, these Runes are important as they allow you unique combat skills for when you fight with bosses, is essential for your defense.

  •   6- Mastery of the divine relic: this is another of the benefits you get with this bonus decreases the reuse time of your Divine Relics allowing an additional slot.

  As you can see with several relics to advance in Children of Morta Book of Rea, we hope our guide has been helpful, remember that each of the Bonuses gives you great advantages in the game, just wish you good luck.

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