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Ring Fit Adventure: Mini-Games list on nintendo

2019-10-21 13:16:29

We have prepared for you a guide of Ring Fit Adventure where we will indicate a Mini-Games list in nintendo.

What is the Mini-Games list in Ring Fit Adventure?

The first thing we should know is that while we play these 12 mini-games we train some areas of the body, so next we will leave the Mini-Games list that has Ring Fit Adventure.

Squatting goals.

  For this exercise of the body we focus on the legs and buttocks, since we must jump, since being in Squat Goals we place ourselves on a trampoline, where we will have to squat, there we will see that the strap that we have on the leg measures that so much we are going to climb in the jump, in addition there is a meter in the background that is responsible for showing us how high we can jump, while we visualize some coins that are floating, the objective here, is to collect as many coins as possible by measuring the squat and that in time not only shortens the time, it is also necessary to avoid the bombs.

  Thigh Rider

  When we execute this, we are exercising the legs and the lower part of our body, because this is a minigame that is done sitting, where we will have to avoid the bombs and collect as many coins as possible, before reaching the goal For this we must place the ring between the legs and press to make the car we are driving can jump and move in Ring Fit Adventure.

  Theft- Wrecker.

  The Robo-Wrecker exercise is part of the Mini-Games list that we must execute in Ring Fit Adventure, in this game we exercise the chest, the Thracian and the core, here the objective is to destroy as many robots as we can, and especially those that are colored golden, since these give a triple score, what we must do here is to turn the ring and press it or throw it to be able to hit the robots, since they keep coming out and entering the holes.

  Crushing of cores.

  Among the Mini-Games list we find Crushing nuclei, here we exercise the waist, the core and the abdominals, here we will have to hit and crush robots, some of them have shields, here we will have to place the scam ring against our abdomen and press it, because when We do that we turn and hit the robots, it is necessary to know that every time we turn we will have to relieve tension in order to generate a blow again.


  This is another minigame that is part of Ring Fit Adventure, where this training allows us to execute the posture of the nucleus and shoulders, to execute this exercise we will have to hold the ring on our head and push it out to be able to take off a parachute that slows it down, when the same is outside we will have to tilt the upper half in the direction we want to fall, to reach this we will have to fall through the tunnel and do our best to go through rings when passing, when we fall in the center of the golden ring , we will receive a reward with points.

  Back blow.

  The back blow is part of the Mini-Games list in which we exercise the core and the waist, it is a training that takes a little time and precision because the idea is to go back the disks that the robots throw, for this we need to place the ring on the abdomen, turn the ring back and forth, since this rotates the large fan that has the disks, we must avoid being hit since it will take away points, instead we hit the robots with the disks that I throw, this will give us points additional.

Squattery wheel

  In Ring Fit Adventure there is a game called squattery wheel where we have the opportunity to exercise the legs, chest and buttocks, a very complete minigame, here we receive points of agreement the closest proximity of the pot to the green image, to perform this training we have that form a clay pot, the green image shows us how the vessel should be, for this we have limited time, then we will have to squat down, to lower the robots and push the ring so that they give the clay gorma , we must push away, and since each area we press will obviously affect another area of ​​the pot.

Starter tower.

  The Mini-Games list contains a game called starter tower in which we exercise the trapeze, chest and upper arms, to perform this training we must climb the tower using the Ring.on, then we lift the ring above our head and then we stretch our character so that it jumps higher, it is necessary to synchronize the jumps in a correct way, since they are necessary to collect as many coins as possible.

Crasher Crasher.

  The objective of this minigame is to exercise the upper part of the arms and chest, it is necessary to destroy as many boxes as we can in a given time, for this it is necessary to tighten the ring-burst, since this produces an explosion that will eliminate the boxes that have fallen in front of us, we will only have to aim with the ring, we must clear all the boxes so that they fall even more, there are boxes of two different colors, since those of yellow color eliminate the boxes that are on the screen , while the green ones take out a small area of ​​boxes.

Gluting Gallery.

  The Mini-Games list in Ring Fit Adventures has a game called Gallery gluting here we exercise the back, shoulders and waist, for this we have to hold the scammer ring over the head and lean to the left or right, because here we must collect the coins that go happening, but avoiding the approaching bombs.

Account balance.

  Performing this minigame allows us to exercise the back, waist and abdominals, as we will have to collect coins and do everything possible to avoid the bombs, for this we need to walk forward with a balance bearing, when we walk we stretch the ring and lean in Ring Fit Adventure.


This is the last game we make in this list of minigames, this is an aerobic game in which we train our legs improving our resistance, because in this game we will have to run in the place of the tape where our character will be, when running it is necessary to keep an adequate speed to collect the coins avoiding the bombs, we will also receive an indication about squeezing the joy-con, at certain points to fly in the air and that in this way we collect coins that are high in Ring Fit Adventure.

Finally, we hope our guide will help you prepare a little more physically, thanks to the Mini-Games list that has Ring Fit Adventure.

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