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Ambar Jimenez
2023-05-25 12:24:07

There is no let up to the soaring popularity of gaming. Advancements in technology, immersive graphics, and engaging storytelling mean that gaming has become a mainstream entertainment choice for people of all ages.

Whether you're a casual gamer, someone who looks for the best online casino deals, or a competitive enthusiast, the allure of virtual worlds and thrilling gameplay experiences is undeniable. Indeed, there are hundreds of online casinos you can play at that have some epic games like slots, table games, and even live dealer games.

Taking advantage of no deposit bonuses means you can test out these titles and find which ones you like. Casino games are just one aspect of gaming though and we can also look at consoles like the Xbox Series X and PS5 plus PC gaming for even more inspiration. If you are looking for something new in 2023 here are our recommendations of the games to play to improve your gaming skills.

Game Recommendation 1: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

An epic adventure across the kingdom of Hyrule awaits in The Legend of Zelda™: Tears of the Kingdom. This highly anticipated release offers a captivating journey through a wondrous world and also presents an opportunity for gamers to level up their gaming skills like never before.

In this sequel, players will need to rely on their wits and strategic thinking but also use Link's abilities in order to beat the evil forces that are threatening Hyrule. This presents a unique challenge that pushes players to explore their full potential and improve their gaming skills.

Tears of the Kingdom encourages players to think critically and creatively. Hyrule’s sprawling landscapes and the floating islands provide an open-world environment that requires exploration.

As gamers embark on their own path, they must navigate treacherous terrains, solve intricate puzzles, and unravel the secrets of the kingdom. This develops problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and the ability to think outside the box.

Game Recommendation 2: Metroid Prime Remastered

With the highly anticipated release of Metroid Prime Remastered on February 8, 2023, players were presented with a thrilling intergalactic adventure.

This iconic first-person game has been given a stunning makeover. It includes remastered visuals, enhanced audio, refined controls, and more. This means players have an unparalleled opportunity to relive the classic experience while also leveling up their gaming skills.

Players become Samus Aran, an intergalactic bounty hunter. They’re thrust into a perilous mission to investigate a distress signal from a wrecked frigate orbiting planet Tallon IV. Players will need to navigate the treacherous depths of Tallon IV, uncover its dark secrets, and confront the formidable Meta Ridley, Samus's arch-nemesis.

In terms of skill development, Metroid Prime Remastered challenges players to utilize their problem-solving abilities and keen observation skills to explore the interconnected regions of Tallon IV. Players need to think critically to make progress through the game.

Metroid Prime Remastered allows players to sharpen their problem-solving skills, observation abilities, and hand-eye coordination. Gamers will find themselves challenged to adapt, strategize, and overcome obstacles—a journey that will undoubtedly level up their gaming skills.

Game Recommendation 3: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition

The open-world RPG of The Witcher 3 is critically acclaimed and offers an epic adventure through a war-torn and monster-infested continent. This complete edition provides a wealth of opportunities for players to elevate their gaming skills to new heights.

As Geralt, a highly trained monster slayer for hire, players are thrust into a vast and intricate world filled with challenging quests, formidable enemies, and complex decision-making. The game's expansive open-world environment encourages players to explore to uncover hidden secrets while engaging in intense combat encounters, and making choices that shape the narrative.

This edition offers a wealth of new items, weapons, armor, and outfits inspired by The Witcher Netflix series. The Xbox Series X enhancements take full advantage of the console's power. The visuals and  technical improvements include an improved level of detail, faster loading times, and real-time ray tracing. These enhancements provide a seamless and immersive experience that draws players deeper into the dark fantasy world of The Witcher.

The gameplay mechanics mean players must master a range of skills. They need to use a combination of swordplay, magic, and alchemy to overcome a range of adversaries, from savage beasts to supernatural creatures.

Players get to use and improve their problem-solving skills, decision-making abilities, and strategic thinking. Whether engaging in intense battles, navigating intricate quests, or delving into the game's deep lore, players will find themselves challenged at every turn, pushing the boundaries of their gaming skills.

Game Recommendation 4: Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris is a mesmerizing game and Tetris Effect: Connected adds a whole new layer for gamers to enjoy. This reinvention of the classic puzzle game offers players a visually stunning and captivating journey that not only entertains but also enhances their gaming skills.

Every aspect of the game, from the music and backgrounds to the Tetris pieces themselves, pulsates, dances, and explodes in perfect sync with gameplay, creating a multi-sensory experience.

As you play, the visuals and audio respond dynamically to your actions, creating a synesthetic experience that heightens your focus and engagement. This synchronization between gameplay and sensory elements adds a new layer of immersion to the Tetris experience.

The addictive nature of Tetris Effect: Connected encourages players to hone their pattern recognition skills, spatial awareness, and reflexes.

As players progress through the stages and modes, they'll encounter increasingly complex puzzles and faster gameplay, providing a gradual learning curve that challenges and sharpens their Tetris prowess.

Moreover, the game introduces the "Connected" mode, allowing players to join forces with others in a cooperative multiplayer experience. This social component adds a new dimension, fostering teamwork, coordination, and strategic communication.

Game Recommendation 5: Resident Evil 4

This iconic title from 2005 has been fully remade, breathing new life into a beloved classic. Brace yourself as you step into the shoes of Leon Kennedy, a survivor from Raccoon City, as he embarks on a harrowing mission in a secluded European village to rescue the US president's daughter.

The remake of Resident Evil 4 highlights meticulous attention to detail, with every aspect of the game receiving a modern makeover. The graphics have been revitalized, immersing players in stunningly realistic environments filled with haunting atmospheres and grotesque creatures.

In addition to the enhanced graphics, the game features updated controls, which allow for precise aiming, fluid movement, and responsive combat.

While staying true to the essence of the original game, the remake of Resident Evil 4 also offers a reimagined storyline that adds surprising twists and turns. Even seasoned fans of the original game will find themselves captivated by unexpected surprises and fresh experiences.

Resident Evil 4's remake also challenges players to sharpen their survival instincts and strategic thinking. As Leon, players must navigate through perilous environments, solving intricate puzzles, managing limited resources, and combating relentless adversaries.

Each decision matters, and the consequences of every action can mean the difference between life and death.


In this article, we explored top game recommendations to level up gaming skills in 2023. From the imaginative adventure of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to the intergalactic battles of Metroid Prime Remastered, each game offers unique challenges.

The dark realm of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition sharpens problem-solving and strategic thinking, while Tetris Effect: Connected enhances cognitive abilities and pattern recognition.

It's your turn to dive into these immersive worlds, embrace challenges, and improve your skills – even the Harvard Business Review says so! Whether you seek quests, mysteries, survival, or puzzles, these games all foster personal growth. Happy gaming!


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