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Ambar Jimenez
2023-05-25 11:54:20

Play at casinos and gambling, in general, has been popular for centuries. And as the years have passed, an evolution of sorts has taken place. It’s often the case that casinos and gambling inspire other things, but it’s now at the point where we see both happen and included in video games, and some of these games are quite famous.

Grand Theft Auto Series

There’s only one place to start with gambling taking place in video games, and that’s with the Grand Theft Auto series, which happens to be one of the most successful of all time. Grand Theft Auto, or GTA as it’s commonly known, is an open-world title, and casinos have featured in multiple releases.

At casinos in Grand Theft Auto titles such as GTA V, players can enjoy games such as roulette and slots, akin to what they’d play at casinos in real life. While some will look at video games such as GTA featuring gambling, some would argue that it won't be long until we see online casino sites like this incorporating some aspects of these types of games into their own thinking in future.

Red Dead Redemption Series

Rockstar created the Grand Theft Auto series, and they also made Red Dead Redemption, the next game series included on this list. It could be Rockstar’s recognition of the importance or popularity of gambling in society, and it's worth noting that Red Dead games are set way in the past, which also shows the developers know their stuff where gambling is concerned.

In Red Dead, players can get stuck into games such as poker and blackjack, and they can do so at casinos. But not only that, this is the Wild West, so things aren’t exactly straightforward, and players have been known to cheat and also to have run off with stolen money too.

Pokemon Series

You probably didn’t expect to see the Pokemon game series appear on this list, but there is gambling that takes place in the various titles, and it goes back as far as the releases in 1990. Video slots are by far and away the most popular way to gamble online today, and believe it or not, but there’s a chance to play slots in Pokemon.

In Pokemon Red and Blue, there’s a casino that players can visit, spinning the reels in the hope of winning some top prizes. The casino, known as Game Corner, also includes top prizes in their slots, such as Pokemon like Dratini and Porygon, which is probably one of the reasons why so many spin the reels in the first place.

If someone is a video game fan and likes their gambling, be it casino games or slots, they’ll be in their element playing one of the titles mentioned above or the many other games that incorporate gambling in some way, shape or form. And you can see why this merging has happened because of how entwined casino games are with video games and society.


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