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2023-02-21 10:15:12

The industries of casino games and video games walk hand in hand. There are many casino games inspired by video games. The fact that they have popular video games behind them makes them even more enjoyable. More and more as low as 10 dollar minimum deposit casino are using video games for inspiration nowadays. But why?

Why are casino games inspired by video games?

As we have established above, many online casino providers use video game settings. And they do this not only for their casinos but also for their pokies or slots. One of the most obvious reasons why this is happening is that video games are starting to regain their previous popularity.
When looking at casino or slot games online, you will notice that those inspired by video games are playing more too. Another reason for this might be that many video game players have great devotion to the games they play. But which are some of the casino games like video games? Let’s see.

Space Invaders

This classic is a skill-based game. You can play it online and at arcade machines. The main purpose of Space Invaders is to shoot aliens before they come and get you. You can bet and play this game not only at brick-and-mortar casinos but also online.

Call of Duty

This game is more like a tradition. And it became a slot later. Casino providers didn’t want to miss the opportunity to shoot in the game, so the Call of Duty slot features some intriguing elements. There are also explosions with impressive sound design whenever you trigger a bonus.

Lara Croft

Many gamers love Tomb Raider. This game is excellent as a slot game too. Most of those who have played the character Lara Croft in the video game have also tried the slot version of Tomb Raider. The same audience also likes Indiana Jones or similar slots. Casino providers were very smart to include Tomb Raider on their list of slot games, as they attracted many new players.

Resident Evil

Now it’s time for the big guns. One of the most popular franchises in the world of video games, Resident Evil is a blessing in disguise for all gamers. When playing it as a slot, the plot is still to kill zombies and uncover the plans of an umbrella corporation. The Resident Evil slot game has great graphics too, just like its video game counterpart.


Last, there’s Zuma. This game might not seem too complicated at first. However, it remains to be a very engaging matching puzzle for those who want to challenge their brain. The Zuma slot uses many elements featured in the original game. Even the frog is there. Zuma is a great addition to any typical slot that has 5 wheels and 20 pay lines. Moreover, the bonus features it offers are great.


Video games are everywhere nowadays because they challenged the mind. In the meantime, slots and online casinos are all about gambling and earning. Thankfully, there are many slots based on video games for those who want more from their gambling experience.


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