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Xbox has a lot to offer to its dedicated player base, and sports fans are no exception to this rule. There are a plethora of different sports games, ranging from NFL, Basketball, and even some less popular sports games like golf.

However, today we’ll be taking a look at some of the best football games on Xbox. There is more than one version of football available on Xbox, and this is no surprise. Football is the most popular sport on the planet, and it only makes sense there are many football fans on any gaming platform.

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FIFA 2023

We will begin with the most famous football title of all time, FIFA. There almost isn’t a person on the planet that hasn’t heard of FIFA or played it directly. It’s the most popular football title across all platforms, and this includes Xbox as well.

When it comes to performance, FIFA works butter smooth on the Xbox, especially on the newer, Xbox Series X which is the latest installment of Microsoft’s gaming platform. One of the best things about modern gaming is online play.

You can choose to play FIFA alone against bots, or you can opt-in for online play where you will be stacked against players from around the world. This is a great option if you’re tired of playing against AI, and can offer a new level of challenge depending on your opponent's skill level.

Some of the best positives of the new installation of FIFA is that it can easily fit your need to play either offline or online, as both modes work very well. Matches can last relatively short so playing the game during your chores or work break is always easy.

One of the greatest cons is that building your team can take a lot of time if you want to be competitive and play online.

Football Manager

If you want to play something a little different, Football Manager 2023 might be your best bet. You won't be participating in the games directly as a player. As Football Manager your focus is on micro-managing tasks for your team, as you take on the role of manager.
The game has a great database with information matching those of real players extremely closely. It’s so realistic that many team scouts are said to be using the game to scout real players. You can choose to manage a big or a small club, depending on the level of challenge you want.
This game is best-played long-term, as coming to grips with all the strategies and tactics you can employ can take a while to get used to.


This game is one of the newer football entries in the game market. Its start was very rough, with lots of bugs but the game is now somewhat more stable than it used to be. The user experience is much better seeing the gameplay is improved, but it’s still far from the giant on the market.

Of course, this is understandable as competing with a giant like FIFA can be tough. Still, it’s a good effort to offer a free-to-play experience and good graphics. On top of those positives, it’s also promising that the team behind the game continues to develop and evolve it.

Shortly, this game has the potential to not overtake but compete with FIFA nevertheless. Currently, some of the more annoying negatives are the wonky AI of the enemy players. However, if the developers keep working on the game it will be a much more polished product in the future.
These are just some of the more popular football games on Xbox. There are some others worth mentioning such as PES, but its popularity has decreased in recent years due to mishaps in development which led to the fanbase dying out. But it’s still a very viable option if you want to try it.


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