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Today we made a Carrion guide for you with the sole goal of explaining where to find the containment units

How many containment units are in Carrion?

 In a universe where we are offered the possibility of being able to control a monster with tentacles and given the opportunity to stalk and kill humans, it is good to understand that there are 9 containment units, some may be directly linked to certain achievements, as these simply allow us to unlock some skills which simply leads us to the need to know where to find the containment units

Where to find the containment units in Carrion?

 Containment units have an extraordinary advantage, they are simply not lost, so when we complete a game we will have the possibility of returning for them and taking them, as this is simply a great advantage that turns in our favor, in this way we will detail the location of each containment unit in Carrion.
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    • The Hazardous Waste Landfill: This is the first containment unit, to achieve it it is necessary to try to find the exit and in this course we get an open corridor to which it is necessary to go and proceed to get two guards that allow us to absorb the new DNA, because the ability we can get here is the Eco location.
    • Border: This is simply the second containment unit and in order to access it, it is necessary to break the wooden logs that are blocking the fan, since reaching it requires moving to the right of the BSL-4 research room to go to the top left of the screen falling into a tube, it is necessary to have the ability of Xofirrea and the ability of DNA that it has is Polychaete.
    • Las Minas de Uranio: We continue on our journey to know where to find the containment units and this leads us to location number 3, to reach the place it is necessary to observe some wooden blocks that have a diamond symbol behind them, it is It is important to break the braking to get to the containment unit and this implies activating the switch because it allows us to open the door, the problem is that lasers are also activated, so we will have to choose to stay still, this Carrion containment unit It contains the Electrosis ability but to access it it is necessary to use Hydrophilicity, Photokinesis and Xiforrea.
    • The Botanical Garden: This is another of the locations where we can get a containment unit, it is necessary to move to the left to look for the storage area until we see a diamond, here it is necessary to use the Hydrophilic ability in order to swim and then Use Parasitism to open the barriers, as it is the only way to access the DNA Pyrophilia ability.
    • The Leviathan Reef Base: Carrion definitely makes us mobilize enough in search of these containment units, this specifically means that it is vital to move to the water sector where there are 4 fans, in this sense it will be vital to use Hapagorrea because our work is Advance and use Keratosis to avoid explosions and thus advance to the next DNA ability called Pyroilia.
    • Relith Science Headquarters: As we progress we realize how necessary it is to know where to find the containment units and that means that to access this particularly it is necessary on the one hand to make use of Harpagorrea and Photokinesis and on the other hand to direct ourselves towards the exit of said barracks on the right side, proceed to open the door to place the Biomass and thereby achieve the new DNA skill called Electrosis.
    • The Nuclear Power Plant: The trip through Carrion becomes fairly long and this allows us to access a few interesting places, since this unit requires using Keratosis in order to avoid some damage, since it is located relatively close to the machine gun of the accessing it allows us to get the new Electrosis II DNA.
    • The armored war facility: We continue the march and head towards the exit of the facility, since the objective here is to take a look to the right to access this unit by obtaining the Electrosis III DNA.
    • The Bunker: It is only necessary to go to the bunker to get the Poliquería DNA containment unit.

     Obviously knowing where to find the containment units simply makes us move around a bit, so knowing these details you will be properly prepared to access everything new that Carrion will bring.

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