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We invite you to discover Where to find heroic actions a new task in Call of Duty World War II - WW2.

In Call of Duty World War II - WW2 we will be before the atrocities of the war, but we also have heroic moments that we can demonstrate in the Second World War, it is necessary that we keep our allies alive on many occasions, even making our enemies end up resigning, there is a total amount of 23 heroic actions to complete, in this guide we will have all the support in tips regarding Where to find heroic actions and those details come below.

What to know about heroic actions in Call of Duty World War II - WW2?

The distribution of heroic actions is as follows:
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Bring 9 of our allies to safety

Make 4 groups formed by our enemies end up surrendering

Save 10 of our allies who are caught in battle.

 These events can be random, so the locations may vary in some of these cases, but in any case they will always be very close to these indications, in the event that we do not complete these actions it is possible to search for another attempt when restarting from the last checkpoint, or in that case doing the select mission, let's now see Where to find heroic actions with the precise details.

 Where to find heroic actions in Call of Duty World War II - WW2?

 D-Day: Clear bunkers

 First fight: once we clear the 1st bunker, we will pass the trench until we find the next one where we shoot our enemy to the left before he kills soldier Ryu.

 Second fight: when we meet in the 4th bunker, we have to go down the corridor and we need to save Sergeant Gu from being caught by an enemy against the wall.

 Operation Cobra: Reach the AA cannon

 First Surrender: The moment we leave the house and finish with the enemies that are in the field full of straws, we are going to cross the forest in front of us, aiming it with our weapon so that our enemies end up surrendering.

Operation Cobra: Advance with our armor

Third fight: once we are behind a tank it is necessary to go to the area that has a tunnel entrance on the left and here we are going to shoot at the enemies who have cornered Sergeant Pounds.

 Operation Cobra: Go forward with our armor

Second Surrender: Once we attack and eliminate the artillery guns, we have to follow our tank and go down to the trench, we turn right and allow the enemies in front to surrender.

 Fortaleza: Take the Church

First safe ally: when we are arriving at the church we will see how one of our allies is injured, so it is necessary that we grab him and take him to a safe area that is marked on the back of the cover

 S.O.E .: Stop the train

Second safe ally: once we leave the house we are going to meet a fallen ally at the bottom of the steps that are in the street, we have to avoid the dogs that are coming and quickly take him and take him to a safe area.

 Release: Assaulting the Garrison

Third safe ally: when the explosives are detonated we have to go through the streets to reach the garrison, being on the wide bridge we will see a resistance fight by a soldier, who seconds later will fall in front of us, we have to grab him and take him to the back of the deck.

Release: Clear Building

Third Surrender: the moment we are clearing the garrison building, we are going to get to a room after we finish off some soldiers, making some who survive end up surrendering.

 Collateral damage: Arrive at the Hotel

 Fourth safe ally: Once we have passed the tank part and we have to advance through the streets, we will come to a machine gun fire encounter, here we have a soldier that we have to put in a safe place and it is behind the car which is close.

 Fourth Fight: going through the entrenched door, we will reach a room next door, here we have to shoot the soldier who is attacking Rogers

Collateral Damage: Insure the Hotel

 Fifth fight: once we have blown up the wall that will give us access to the hotel, we have to shoot back and specifically the soldier who is attacking Corporal Roberts through ornate doors and thus we have Where to find heroic actions in Call of Duty World War II - WW2 with very precise details.

 In this way we finish our guide to Call of Duty World War II - WW2 now you know where to find heroic actions, keep progressing while you enjoy to the fullest.
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