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Today we stop by Fallout 76 in order to explain how to get a Chinese stealth armor, let's see.

Why find Chinese stealth armor at Fallout 76?


  Even though Fallout 76 is a game that has been on the market for some time, where we have obtained some series of updates and certain improvements, it continues to generate more content, and it is precisely that the need arises to know how to obtain a Chinese stealth armor, because it It has been incorporated into the most recent April expansion called Watelanders, where it is easy to visualize some interesting changes where side missions and missions have managed to get on extremely well, thereby allowing us to be somewhat busier in West Virginia.
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    What is Chinese stealth armor in Fallout 76?


     Knowing how to obtain a Chinese stealth armor allows us to mobilize through the game considering that this is an armor whose purpose is to provide protection against damage but that we can be stealthy enough and allow us to get mixed with everything around us without anyone You can notice it, because it is necessary to consider that we are immersed in two extra human factions and they are that of the Colonists and that of the Raiders, here it is necessary to handle ourselves with great care, since we are next to inhabitants of wastelands where there is some amount of treasures quite good in Appalachia.


    •  The armor is simply a protection tool.
    • It allows us to feel safe from diseases.
    • It is possible to move without being detected.
    • We have reduced the impact of damage considerably.
    • Protects us from radiation.
    • We are allowed to mix with the environment around us.


     How to get Chinese Stealth Armor in Fallout 76?


     It is necessary to be clear that this armor needs to be unlocked, and for this it is necessary to start interacting with Jen Jen who will choose to ask us for help to find her parents, it is simply a mission and they will seek to provide us with all the necessary information for this it is necessary to reach us to the Foundation that will open the way to the mission of the Invisible ties.


     In order to know how to obtain a Chinese stealth armor it is necessary to enter the mission and for this we must start by going to vault 76 it is necessary to take the warning of the Liberator once we have managed to inspect the body because it is necessary to go to the laboratory where Penelope and Jen greeted to the players in the laboratory and it is precisely this place where the liberator will be placed on the inspection deck, this with the aim that it can be calibrated, as soon as this occurs Jen approaches to speak and asks us to go to the golf course Whitespring, where we will be received by the Liberator robot specifically on the 7th hole.


     The liberating robot will simply be a guide to the depths, after that it will only be necessary to send it with the other robots with the communist soldiers to the building, for us to meet agent Mochou, Jen's mother in the basement in our objective, the Chinese armor, there we see that Jen and her mother speak, but we are not interested in this conversation, so we will have two options to get the armor, that Jen Mate his mother once we have convinced him or proceed to kill her ourselves and go new to the foundation in Fallout 76 and meet with Jen to then move to the laboratory with the diagrams of the armor as well as the helmet having the need to interact with Paige.

    Now that we have the schematics it is time to move on to the creation process, to know how to obtain a Chinese stealth armor requires some resources and these are:


    •   2 circuits.
    • 16 Fiber optics.
    • 44 Rubber.
    • 30 Ballistic fiber.
    • 11 Nuclear material.

      It is not only necessary to create the armor, because the helmet is also essential and this particularly requires.


    •   1 Circuit.
    • 2 Rubber.
    • 1 Fiber optic.
    • 2 Ballistic fiber.


      Now that you know how to obtain a Chinese stealth armor it is time to proceed to create it yourself in Fallout 76.

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