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2020-10-01 08:37:28

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We have made for you a Call of Duty Modern Warfare guide where we are going to tell you How to summon a giant teddy bear

What does the sect season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare bring to us?

  As time goes by, this game brings much more to understand us, and it is that in this season it is necessary to know how to summon a giant teddy bear, as this is immersed within the station where it will be necessary to have an Easter egg, in addition to some multiplayer maps to the point that it is important to shoot the emblems with an LMG to reach the final emblem of the keyboard, and with it choose to take a quantity of 5 numbers and enter them into it.

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How to summon a giant teddy bear in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

 It is necessary to remember that specifically Infinity Ward has not made any mention of a possible Easter egg in the Shooting Station, however, it should be noted that it would not be the only existing secret, since the main Call of Duty saga has been in charge of make some series of considerable changes over time, perhaps the most relevant being Warzone.

 Having the possibility of seeing the Easter egg again is an interesting opportunity that we have in this game, only this time it is simply a giant teddy bear that has bright red eyes, very similar to the teddy bear in the egg Trench's Easter Bunny, only bigger and scarier as he can become a real threat to everyone.

 Although it is true in this game some interesting elements have been incorporated, it is vital to understand that this can make the kills here more powerful, and this allows us among many things to understand that the Foresight kill simply gives us the possibility of locating ourselves in the circle and thereby achieve a considerable advantage in the final part of a given game.

 This giant teddy bear is clearly related to Halloween, as it is a content that is simply planned to be incorporated for next October 20, as it is somewhat similar to the zombies of previous installments, as it has a demonic aspect and may get to give this game an interesting twist.

 Definitely, knowing how to summon a giant teddy bear is simply an interesting task that is only possible to carry out in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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