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2020-10-28 06:43:40

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Today we will tell you everything you need to know if you wonder where to find Leatherface's house in Call of Duty warzone, so pay attention.

What is Leatherface's house at Call of Duty warzone?

This is one of the locations that you can find and explore during the Halloween event, A Haunting of Verdansk and here we will help you by telling you where to find Leatherface's house.

Where to find Leatherface's house in Call of Duty warzone?

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First of all, you should know that this event is already in its last days, since it ends on November 3.

To find Leatherface's house in Warzone you will have to start by going to Farmland where you will see Leatherface's house when you see the appearance of the horror icon through a window in the upper attic.

To access the house simply do it through one of the windows.

  This is how quickly this guide on where to find Leatherface's house in Call of Duty warzone ends, remember that there is little time to visit this place before the event ends, so we recommend you run right now to visit it.

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