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2022-10-26 07:10:25

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Today we bring you a guide on Where to find twin hooks in Blox Fruits.

What to know about twin hooks in Blox Fruits?

It is one of the best weapons in the game, which can be complex to locate, when we find ourselves sailing through the blue ocean we have to use our skill points with caution, because if we want the potential of this weapon we must apply them, now looking to have For the details as to where you will find twins in Blox Fruits let's keep a close eye on the following content, let's see it.

Where to find twin hooks in Blox Fruits?

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This weapon is important for our progress through the second sea, leveling up we will become strong, accessing the mission to defeat the elephant captain of the floating turtle island, but this one has a level of 1850 that we must consider before facing him, after that we will add a lot of experience to improve our character's level, we will also receive an object from the battle, adding a 5 percent chance of obtaining the sword combo, starting from this we must continue facing him until he drops them, considering the low rate that It has a drop.

It can take us many attempts until we obtain it, it will be worth it because in turn the XP is enough, we will level up at all times, when we have the sword we can continue progressing on our journeys with a weapon of great importance to our abilities.

Finally, now that we know Where to find twin hooks in Blox Fruits we can move on with our progress.

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