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Read on if you are interested in knowing where to find the Buddha fruit in Blox Fruits, because here we will tackle all of this for you.

What is the Buddha fruit in Blox Fruits?

It is one of the several types of fruit that you can find in the game and that you will want to learn how to use. The use of these fruits is important, so knowing where to find the Buddha fruit in Blox Fruits is very valuable.

Where to find Buddha fruit in Blox Fruits? - Fruit

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    This fruit glows in its physical forms, being one of only thirteen fruits in the game to do so. You'll need to activate the Fruit to use it, and since it's a Beast-type Fruit, something magical can happen.

    This fruit will allow you to transform into a Giant with many advantages. You will be seven times larger than life and have improved stats.

    Where to find Buddha fruit in Blox Fruits?

    To get this fruit, you will have to buy it from the dealer NPC Blox Fruit for 1.2 million Beli dollars or 1,650 Robux. You can also try to buy a random fruit from the NPC Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin. But to fully wake him up, you will have to get 14,500 Fragments and use it on the Fruit.

    This is all there is to know about where to find the Buddha fruit in Blox Fruits, so we hope we have been very helpful, so that you get a lot of use out of this fruit.

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