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With our guide you will learn more about How to get Rengoku in Blox Fruits.

What to know about Rengoku in Blox Fruits?

  It is one of the legendary category swords, which allows you to cause a large amount of damage, only that there is a lot to do to get it, to have a precise idea of how to obtain Rengoku in Blox Fruits, let's take into account this guide with its following content, let's see it .

How to get Rengoku in Blox Fruits?

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It is necessary that we are at least level 1350, which will allow the unlocking of the ice castle in the second sea to access the sword, from there we will go to the castle to face the ice admiral boss who has a level of 1400, when we beat him we get a key, only there is a very low percentage that he releases it at the end of the fight, we must try until we get it, with this we must enter the room that is on the right side of the stairs where there will be a chest that we can open with the key, inside will be the Rengoku.

  We hope that the information detailed here on How to get Rengoku in Blox Fruits has been very useful for your fun and progress in the game.

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