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2022-10-09 21:41:23

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This time we return with a guide with the objective of explaining how to beat fajita in Blox Fruits.

What to know about fajita in Blox Fruits?

  This is one of the bosses of the game, this corresponds to the green zone, to complete the corresponding mission it is necessary that we have level 925, but we will be before a complex confrontation, it being opportune to be aware of what to do to defeat him and With the content that this guide is going to offer us next we will have it covered, let's see it.

How to beat fajita in Blox Fruits?

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It can be a complex confrontation, which has the power of gravity, having that power and the meteor shower will try to harm us, being these very strong attacks we must avoid it, it is something we can do to get out of the combat unscathed, considering that the boss it is generated on the brown ground without leaving this area, we can use ranged attacks staying on the square edge of brown ground, with this it will not be able to follow us and being in this location point we will kill it easily.

  This is how we end our guide on How to beat fajita in Blox Fruits, hoping that you can get the most out of such a busy game.

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