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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-10-26 15:17:32

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Keep reading to learn where to find marijuana legal in BitLife, because here we will tell you where to find it.

  What is marijuana legal in BitLife?

This is an element related to the 420 challenge, the first step to complete it is to be born somewhere where marijuana is legal. Fortunately, being born in a place where marijuana is legal is an easy step during the 420 challenge in BitLife.

Where to find marijuana legal in BitLife?

Here are the countries where most are legal:
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South Africa




To start you will have to use a daughter named Maryjane, which corresponds to a perfect relationship with Maryjane.

Being on a Hot Cheetos diet for over 30 years and becoming a farmer. This job has no major skill or stat requirements, and you will have to become a farmer is to look for the job after your character becomes an adult. Once you become an adult in BitLife, see the Jobs tab until you find the Farmer Job. When you find the Farmer job, you will have to join and respond to it.

This will place you with the paunch, and you will have to answer if he is the ultimate target to the interview questions. If you answer correctly, you will become a farmer and finish the last objective of the 420 challenge.

The key to a relationship with Maryjane, to have a perfect relationship with her daughter Mary Jane in BitLife, we recommend that you give her gifts, compliments and other nice actions until her relationship bar changes to perfect.

 This is all there is to know about where to find marijuana legal in BitLife, so hopefully you can find this item quickly.

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