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2022-12-20 14:45:01

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The challenges do not stop in the games and for this reason today we will explain how to marry a sugar daddy in BitLife.

What does it mean to marry a sugar daddy in BitLife?

  Having the opportunity to get married to practically live supported, this implies that there will be no need to work a single day in life, this because the sugar daddy will obviously have the necessary money to support us, this is a necessary challenge to develop and here We will tell you what you must do to achieve it.

How to marry a sugar daddy in BitLife?

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Before getting married we must create a female character with high appearance and health, this makes the character much more attractive, this allows us to date characters who have enough money, this can be seen in a quick breakdown in their general profile, here is It shows us how much money you have and the higher your income or the more you earn, the easier it is to make you a sugar daddy.

We can marry someone who has a lot of money and when our character has a lot of money and we are talking about a large amount, the other partner will be more likely not to sign a prenuptial agreement with our character and this allows us to complete the challenges in this game with more ease, once we have a sugar daddy we must take advantage of his money to buy what we want, it is possible to give gifts to our partner to keep him happy with us and thus prevent him from getting divorced.

  In this sense, knowing how to marry a sugar daddy in BitLife, allows us to avoid work because we will live with enough money that we will not have any need.

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