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Welcome to our guide on How to Get Superstar Mode Theme in BitLife.

What to know about the theme of Superstar mode in BitLife?

It is something unique in the game, which will lead us to get the theme by unlocking it, first it is something simple, it could be said, only that we must complete 100 challenges as a requirement to achieve it, now for more details on what to do To get the Superstar mode theme, let's carefully follow the following content.

How to get Superstar mode theme in BitLife?

There are limitations for the challenges, because they are only on Saturdays, remaining to complete the vault challenges, this by accessing our phone with the challenges tab in the main menu, in the challenges option there will be the challenge vault for this week, being necessary to complete 100 of these challenges, we can focus on the challenges that have an easy blue label, now we can keep in mind the easy challenges such as the following:
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    • Barbie challenge
    • Black Panther Challenge
    • Crazy Cat Lady Challenge
    • Father's Day challenge
    • bad girl challenge
    • Mother's Day challenge
    • Twilight Challenge
    • dark knight challenge
    • Eat Pray Love Challenge
    • Fool's Day Chjallenge
    • BitLife Birthday Challenge
    • Brains and Beauty Challenge
    • Brangelina Challenge
    • dog house challenge
    • Dr. Dolittle's Challenge
    • Finding Nemo Challenge
    • Move Challenge
    • Gilmore Girls Challenge
    • Gold Digger Challenge
    • groupie challenge
    • Jacksepticye Challenge
    • Legally Blonde Challenge
    • New Year Challenge, New You
    • Pewidepie Challenge
    • Pride Challenge Solver Challenge
    • Social Butterfly Challenge
    • Tanya Bregar Challenge
    • Valentine's Challenge

    After we complete the indicated challenges we can move on to those corresponding to medium difficulty until we get the 100 required, having the Superstar mode theme unlocked, we can equip through the main menu of the game, in the menu tab we will look for the theme option, and we will go in, we will choose to set it as default, with this we will see a gold and white color throughout our game.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to get the Superstar mode theme in BitLife has been very useful for your fun and progress in the game.

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