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Lidia Rozo
2023-03-21 04:22:55

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How to Get Breast Enhancement Surgery in BitLife is a popular life simulator app that allows you to live out your wildest dreams and accomplish your goal in life.

Welcome to BitLife, the popular life simulator app that allows you to live out your wildest dreams and accomplish your goals in life. Whether you want to become a corporate mogul, a doctor, or a world-renowned athlete, the possibilities are endless. However, if you’re looking to spice up your character’s life you can go for a more extreme route and get breast enhancement surgery. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get breast enhancement surgery in BitLife. 

 Overview of BitLife 

BitLife is a life simulator app that allows players to create their own character and live out their simulated life. Players can make choices that affect their character’s life including their job, relationships, personal goals, and much more. 

Overview of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement surgery is a procedure that is used to enlarge, reshape, or improve the appearance of the breasts. This can be done through implants, fat transfer, or a combination of both. 

Accessing the Plastic Surgery Menu 

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  • Head to the activities tab: The first step is to head to the Activities tab in the app. Here you will find a variety of options that you can select from including plastic surgery. 
  • Scroll to the plastic surgery option: Once you’re in the activities tab, you’ll want to scroll down until you find the plastic surgery option. Here you will be able to select a variety of procedures that are available such as face lifts, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation. 
  •  Select the Breast Augmentation option: Once you’ve located the breast augmentation option, you can select it and move on to the next step. 

 Choosing a Doctor 

  • Reputation of doctor reflects success rate: The next step is to select a doctor to perform the breast enhancement surgery. It’s important to make sure that you select a doctor with a good reputation as this can affect the success rate of your surgery. 
  •  Price of the surgery: It’s also important to consider the price of the surgery. Although breast augmentation surgery can be expensive, it’s important to make sure that you get the best quality surgery that you can afford. 

Botched Surgery 

  •  Risk of becoming a laughing stock: Unfortunately, there is always a risk of a botched surgery. If the surgery isn’t successful, your character could become a laughing stock or worse. 
  • Sue the doctor for some payoff : If this happens, you can always sue the doctor for some form of payoff. This will result in your character getting a bit of money and some satisfaction. 
  • Close the app and re-attempt the surgery without losing any funds: If you’d rather not sue the doctor, you can simply close the app and re-attempt the surgery without losing any funds. 
  •  Accept your fate: Alternatively, you can accept your fate and move on with your life. 

In conclusion, getting breast enhancement surgery in BitLife is not as difficult as it may seem. By accessing the plastic surgery menu, selecting a doctor with a good reputation, and being aware of the risks, you can get the surgery done successfully and move on with your life.

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