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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to complete the Yandere challenge in Bitlife

It's time for you to test all your skills as a player! The Yandere challenge may seem relatively simple to complete but you should not be overconfident, as it requires you to test your cunning and consider all your movements and actions, since any wrong step could frustrate your efforts and plans.

This week, you will become an adorable girl who graduated in communications, you will need to make friends with your partner to climb and achieve your mission but that is not all, since you will have to do everything you can to make that friend stay by your side forever.

If you want to know how to complete this exciting challenge, keep reading!

How To Complete the Yandere Challenge in Bitlife

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Phase 1: Establishing Your Yandere Persona

  • 1. Character Creation: Within the Activities menu, select "Surrender" to initiate a new life. During character creation, choose "Female" and set your birthplace to "Tokyo," embracing the Yandere archetype.

Phase 2: Cultivating Academic Prowess

  • 2. Academic Foundation: Throughout your school years, prioritize achieving strong academic performance. This will be crucial for securing university admittance.
  • 3. Higher Education:** Upon graduating high school, navigate to the Education menu and select "University" rather than opting for a break or immediate employment.
  • 4. Communication Expertise: When choosing a major, select "Communications." This aligns with the typical Yandere's focus on manipulation and social influence.
  • 5. Financial Maneuvers: To finance your studies, explore financial aid options. First, attempt to secure support from your parents within the Activities menu. If unsuccessful, consider applying for scholarships before resorting to student loans.

Phase 3: Befriending Your Target

  • 6. University Immersion: Within the Education menu, navigate to "University" to access your classmates.
  • 7. Identifying Your "Senpai": Locate the most popular classmate, who will become your primary focus (or "Senpai" in Yandere terminology).
  • 8. MBuilding Rapport: Approach your chosen "Senpai" and select "Befriend." Ensure you cultivate a positive relationship beforehand through actions like "Talk To," "Spend Time With," or "Give Gift."

Phase 4: Eliminating the Competition (**Disclaimer: This step involves violence)

  • 9. Ruthless Efficiency: Once your friendship with the "Senpai" is established, the game takes a darker turn. Access the "Crime" menu and select "Murder" to eliminate at least five female classmates. **It's important to acknowledge the violent nature of this step.**

Phase 5: Securing Your "Senpai"

  • 10. Solidifying the Bond: Now that potential rivals have been dealt with, focus on strengthening your relationship with your "Senpai." Utilize actions like "Flirt," "Compliment," or "Give Gift" to elevate your standing.
  • 11. The Ultimate Connection: With the competition neutralized, select "Hook Up" with your "Senpai" to successfully complete the Yandere Challenge.

Ethical Considerations

The BitLife Yandere Challenge delves into potentially disturbing themes. While this guide offers completion strategies, it's important to recognize that BitLife offers a diverse range of gameplay experiences. Alternative challenges may align better with your preferences. 

This is everything you need to know about How to complete the Yandere challenge in Bitlife, we hope this guide has been helpful to you and you can complete this exciting challenge. Test your cunning and become the best Yandere in the world of Bitlife.

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