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How To Complete the Haus of Whacks Challenge in BitLife with our comprehensive guide! Step-by-step instruction, tips.

Welcome to this week's challenge in BitLife called the Haus of Whacks Challenge. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps required to successfully complete the challenge and become a fashion designer with a unique twist. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Birth and Education

To begin, make sure you are born as a male character in New York. Choosing your birthplace during character creation is important as it sets the stage for your fashion career. Focus on increasing your Smarts stat by studying hard and achieving good grades in high school. Pursuing higher education, such as attending university or taking fashion-related courses, will also significantly boost your chances of becoming a successful fashion designer.

Step 2: Open Your Museum

Once you have laid the foundation for your future career, it's time to open a museum. Go to the Assets tab and select the Museum option. Make sure you have enough funds to pay for it. The museum will serve as the backdrop for your dark and twisted fashion creations.

Step 3: Becoming a Fashion Designer

Now that you have your museum, it's time to pursue your dream of becoming a fashion designer. Invest time and effort into improving your creative skills by taking up fashion-related activities or courses within BitLife. This will help you gain the necessary experience and knowledge to excel in the fashion industry.

Step 4: Unleash Your Dark Side

To complete the Haus of Whacks Challenge, you need to murder at least six people and fill an entire museum wing with their taxidermized bodies - yes, it gets dark from here on out. This is where the challenge takes a twisted turn and tests your ability to balance a successful fashion career with your darker desires.

Step 5: Selecting Targets and Weapons

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Go to the Crime menu within BitLife and carefully choose your target victims and weapons for each murder. Be strategic in your choices, considering factors such as their accessibility, the likelihood of getting caught, and the impact it will have on your fashion career. It's important to remember that these actions are purely fictional within the game and should not be replicated in real life.

Step 6: Taxidermy Option

After successfully eliminating your victims, select the Taxidermy option available within BitLife. This allows you to preserve their bodies in a taxidermied form. It's a macabre twist to your fashion creations but necessary to fulfill the requirements of the challenge.

Step 7: Repeat and Fill the Museum

Keep repeating this process until the entire museum wing is filled with the taxidermied bodies of the people you have murdered. This will showcase your dark and twisted creations, but remember to maintain a balance between your fashion career and your dark deeds. It's important not to let your crimes overshadow your talent as a fashion designer.

Step 8: Completion and Special Modes

Congratulations! You have now completed the Haus of Whacks Challenge in BitLife. Remember, this challenge can be completed with Bitizen unlocked and God Mode activated if you wish to explore additional features within the game. These features can enhance your overall gaming experience and offer more opportunities for creativity and experimentation.

Completing the Haus of Whacks Challenge requires careful planning, dedication to building your fashion career, and a willingness to embrace a darker side within BitLife. By following this friendly guide, you'll be well on your way to becoming a fashion designer with a unique twist. Remember to enjoy the game responsibly and explore all that BitLife has to offer with a sense of imagination and adventure. Happy gaming!

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