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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-09-18 15:22:41

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Guide to learn how to get rid of high blood pressure in BitLife

 In real life you may have to face many stressful situations and the game seeks to recreate that, real situations so in the game you are involved in discussions, too many activities at school, you may notice that your stress meter is getting turning red. If this is the case, your blood pressure is most likely high. So in this guide we will teach you how to lower this level of tension to avoid inconveniences.

How to get rid of high blood pressure in BitLife?

Usually, high blood pressure is caused by accumulating too much stress, you can check what level your character is at if you go to the work or school menu. To get rid of stress, you will have to work fewer hours, quit some of your jobs, or reduce the amount of activities you do at school. Once you remove stress from your life, you can get old and you should get rid of your high blood pressure.
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There are many scenarios that can lead you to a state of stress. For example, you will experience high levels of stress if you work in a demanding career such as being a lawyer. There's not much you can do about it other than make sure you don't add any additional stress to your plate. It may also be the case that your boss asks you to work overtime, this will also put more pressure on you and possibly give you high blood pressure. You can refuse to do the overtime, but you will lose performance points on your job and could lose them in some cases.

The simplest ways to lower your blood pressure are to try going to the gym, walking, going on vacation, and getting massages to reduce stress, although some of them seem to do nothing for you other than increase your level of happiness. So reducing the work and student load seem the most viable options for this.

 Now that you know how to get rid of high blood pressure in BitLife you will be able to keep your life in a state of serenity which will lead you to have a longer life in the game so good luck with that!

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