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2020-09-18 08:21:57

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We invite you to discover How to Launch Off All Sentinel Hands Without Touch, a new task in Fortnite.

What to know about Launching Off All Sentinel Hands Without Touchin Fortnite?

  This is one of the challenges that we must complete in relation to Wolverine, it is possible that some of us are very knowledgeable about the sentry graveyard for having completed other challenges of this season and its fourth week, now to have more details about the content of This guide has its focus on talking about How to Launch Off All Sentinel Hands Without Touch, let's see what it is about.
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How to Launch Off All Sentinel Hands Without Touch in Fortnite?

 We have to locate the sentinel cemetery, we have it to the south of the authority, we will be able to notice it on the game map, through the sentinels that have very bright colors and the prominent size, when we are here is when we will throw with our hands, this must be done 6 times, the bright purple circles are indicative of each of these, we must take into account not to make contact with the ground at the time of the launches, what we can do is use the gliders to have a little more respite in the challenge, in this way we are going to relocate after each launch, in this way we will have completed the challenge, it is important to know that very close to the sentry graveyard there are other challenges available, which it can represent solving 3 challenges at the same time during a game, thus having outstanding progress.

 Finally, now that we know How to Launch Off All Sentinel Hands Without Touch, we can continue progressing in the challenges that are presented to us in Fortnite.

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