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2022-02-08 07:04:24

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Born in Chicago: This is the first task that we must consider to know how to complete the Wild West Challenge, this is essential to be able to continue, the requirements here are quite clear.

Become a famous rapper: this is another necessary requirement for this BitLife challenge, for this it is necessary to take care of working a lot, so that it is usually relevant to take a singing class, this is usually done since we are 6 years old, and then it becomes necessary to do it at least once a year because with it we manage to improve talents, in this sense, becoming a rapper makes it necessary to take care of going to Occupations and then going to Special Careers in order to become a solo artist , as long as it's the rapper genre.

Have 9 hits of gold or more: this is another of the necessary requirements to know How to complete the Wild West Challenge, so that it is necessary to create some number of successes during each year, this is a process that usually occurs continuously which makes it necessary to recommend doing it as soon as possible and thus keep the releases that are very close together.

Having children named North, South, East and West: we are still immersed in this challenge which makes it necessary to marry in BitLife and ensure that each of your children can be called:


  •  North.
  • South.
  • East.
  • West.


 Present yourself unsuccessfully to the presidency: this is a last task necessary to complete this challenge and is usually done after having completed all the previous activities, in this sense, it is necessary to start from a low level, in this sense, it is necessary to enroll at the university and proceed to apply for a law degree, this must be done after having studied political science or English for a period of four years, when obtaining the degree from the Faculty of Law it is necessary to request the Board of Directors of the School, after that we are presented with the possibility of being mayors, after some time we can run for president, we just have to do nothing to make the other candidate more favorable, by getting the other candidate to win we will have completed the challenge.

 In this sense, knowing How to complete the Wild West Challenge offers us the opportunity to enter another interesting challenge in BitLife.

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