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Predator Hunting Grounds: How to change class

2020-03-30 13:27:30

We invite you to discover How to change classes, one of the many options that exist in Predator Hunting Grounds.

We have the option of being a deadly predator or are included in a team of 4 people with the purpose of shooting down a specific target that is distant, in Predator Hunting Grounds, those who are not with the team, our central focus will be on the confrontation of human enemies, only that the predator will be lurking from the shadows, for survival it is necessary to have a lot of firepower, therefore it is important to understand how to change classes and for this we have the content of this guide that will be presented below.

What should we know about the classes in Predator Hunting Grounds?

Once we start the game, we will have access to the first class, whose name is Assault, which is adapted to novice players so that they learn the fundamentals that will be found in the game, it is possible to choose distance fighting, close or depending on the role you have to take when being in a team of 4 players, which will mean a good start, there are 2 next classes that are, Explorer and Support, these cannot be unlocked until we reach level 11 and 22 Then, in the case of the Recon class, you have to wait for the launch of the game on April 24.

How to change class in Predator Hunting Grounds?

Once we reach these levels, it is not possible to change the class, instead we have to go to the main menu option that says customization, to change the class of our load go to the Fireteam side of the menu, from the Different versions can be found in the same class, where the use of weapons is unique for changing the way of play, when saving it, it will be possible for us to use it freely and we can exchange among those loads that have been customized, to access more loads we have to level up, changing the Predator class goes through the same steps, only on the left side of the customization there is only one class for Predartor available the weekend of the free trial, now in the case of Berserker and Scout will be around when the game is fully released, free trial version is currently available, in epic game stores and on PS4, so many tests can be done h Until the launch arrives on April 24, we will surely have more weapons, technology and equipment.

Now that you know how to change classes, just do it and tell us how it went, your opinion is important to have fun at Predator Hunting Grounds.

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