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You want to know how to get the Houdini tape in BitLife, I tell you that you have come to the right place, here we will cover everything.

  In BitLife we are going to find many tapes that we can win, for notable things like these, we must know how to obtain the Houdini tape, which will allow us to enter the world of this famous person, for this reason we have this guide, where its purpose is to guide us with the answers and necessary details, just by paying close attention to it we will have the answers, let's see what it brings us then.

What should we know about the Houdini tape in BitLife?

  There are some requirements that will sound strange to win this film, it is that they put us in prison and escape, it is certainly possible that we think that we are talking about something complicated, but if it is very simple, with the precise strategies we will achieve it, knowing this, it only remains continue reading to get more answers.
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    How to get Houdini tape in BitLife?


     The first thing is to commit a crime so that they send us to prison, the risk is that they will send us to a maximum security prison, which will represent more difficulty for us to escape, this may occur depending on the high degree of the crime committed, the normal thing must be a robbery, so that it is a normal jail to which they send us, being already imprisoned, the next step is to escape, with some intelligence we will be able to do it, these guards have greater speed than us when moving, for What to escape we will make them stick to the pieces of the environment, for each time we move these 2 spaces will approach, what they will not do if they get blocked by a wall, this is what we will use to our advantage, what we will do is maintain a wall between us and the guard as much as we can, so we will escape without difficulty, now once we are out of prison, we must commit another crime, return to prison once again and escape again rnos, do this 10 times, which will lead us to receive the Houdini tape as a prize, we must bear in mind that we can not fail, since it is only possible to get one tape at a time, looking for this we can not be at the same time qualifying for another, if we die in prison we receive another tape, the Jailbird instead of the one we are looking for.

     So we finish with this guide, dealing with How to get the Houdini tape, with which we can continue to progress and our fun in Bitlife.

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