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Everything you need to know about completing the Tiger King Challenge in BitLife

  The BitLife video game has now brought out a new challenge that we are all looking forward to! To date no details have yet been revealed but we will try to collect all the information revealed so far to help you in your challenge.

We will be updating the information as new details are revealed.

How to complete the Tiger King Challenge in BitLife?

As we have said, the information we have so far is little, but here we leave you what they placed in the official announcement:

"Hello, all of you cool cats and kitties! Are you outspoken, handsome, love to party and shoot weapons? Then you will go crazy, sinking your claws in this crazy challenge!"
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    In addition to that, these are some of the requirements that parcer ask for:

    • Change your gender to Male and call yourself Joe Exotic: As he says, change your entire appearance to the requested description!
    • Start your character in Oklahoma City: You also need to start your character in the United States and then choose Oklahoma City as your new city.
    • Be gay and marry a man: In the activities option, you must find Sexuality and when you are old enough, you have three options and you must choose "I am gay" for the challenge. After that you must find a partner and marry her.
    • Adopt 3 Big Cats: These can be purchased in Activities, Pets and in the Exotic Pet Dealer. Normally you won't be able to shop at the Exotic Pet Dealer if you don't have Bitizenship, but they did it for free for a limited time and we assume it's for the new event.

    You need to buy the ones labeled "Big Cats"!

     With all this data collected it should not be a problem How to complete the Tiger King Challenge of BitLife, we hope it has served you!

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