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2020-09-28 09:09:27

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The action in BitLife does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to complete the Shawshank Redemption Challenge.

What to know about Shawshank's redemption challenge at BitLife?

It is a new challenge for the game, which focuses on a very famous book by Stephen King, bringing with it a series of requirements to meet to be completed, among which we have to be convicted in the US for murder, be imprisoned for 30 years, be beaten by the prison gangs at least 5 times, then escape after 30 years in prison and emigrate to Mexico, this is what is necessary, now there are more precise details that will help us in how to complete the Shawshank redemption challenge, let's move on to the next content of this guide to understand.

How to complete the Shawshank Redemption Challenge in BitLife?

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It is necessary that in the United States we are going to start with our character, this is because everything must happen in this country, then we are going to carry out the requirements, first we are going to have to kill someone, which may be from the family Or friend, doing so is when they will catch us, once we are imprisoned, we only focus on patience, having to go through the need to fight in this place every time the occasion comes, the more we get to fight it is possible to complete the objectives of the challenge, but we must take care of ourselves and avoid being killed, after spending about 30 years in this prison, now is when one of the objectives requires us to escape and for this we have to go through a jigsaw puzzle, which become In something tedious, the point is that when we manage to escape, a last objective for the challenge is to emigrate to Mexico, but it can take us a lot of time and money, so we will look for a job to pay for the money to help us. der escape, we will randomly earn an accessory for completing this challenge.

Knowing how to complete the Shawshank Redemption Challenge is interesting as it allows us to unwind and have more fun in BitLife.

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